Fucked Girl (Coming Soon)
      Andro Melt (Coming Soon)
      Spare Me The Night (Coming Soon)
      Sacred Vows, Killer Nows (Coming Soon)
      Dysphoria (Coming Soon)
      Fuck the Dream (In Progress)
      Blu, A Melancholy Fire
      The Angel That Fell
      Devil Does Cry
      A Girl I Never Met
      Grey & Spice: No One Dies Like You
      Alice Have Aliena
      Spellcaster, DAMNWHORE, Relomia
      Raw Chemical
      Hazy Stars
      Queer Noir
      Gender Assassin
      Agave Sweets
      Peach Angst
      Easier In The Ground
      Queer on Trial
      Clitoral Gin
      Femme Nasty
      Android Chain
      Andro Heavy
      Holy Damned
      Spirit Sleep
      Foul Honey & Sulphur Clouds