I Hate Being Alone, But That’s All I Want To Do (Coming Soon)
Transgender This (Coming Soon)
Trans Future (Coming Soon)
Stranger Dead (Coming Soon)
Dragon Gloss (Coming Soon)
Pearl Asunder (Coming Soon)
Occultish (Coming Soon)
Mercury Type (Coming Soon)
Sweet Sharps (Coming Soon)
Holographic Queer
Gold Plated Queer
An Ongoing Nightmare
Two Tone Bitch
Any Spice Left
4:47 a.m.
Queer in Bronze
Sharp Faces
Troubled Heart
Bullets With Our Names On Them
Failure Pussy
Outta Sight, Outta My Mind
You Pray for Your God to End the Perverse
      Make Me Leave Faster
      Now You Want To Love On Me?
      Smoke Pussy, Eat Weed II: The State of You