namnesis is my one and only dead witch. I no longer hear her as I write this and haven’t heard her voice in years. The thought of her return is haunting to me. I mentioned that I had killed her, which is the truth, in part, while I know she isn’t “real” to everyone else’s realities, she real to me. She is a person and I ended her life. It was self defense and her death came with the cessation that was an abusive romantic relationship for me. Ever since I have escaped that situation her voice has been no more. When I still had Anamnesis in my life, she and Relomia caused a lot of avoidable trouble and heartbreak. Morals were compromised, laws were broken, self respect was at an all time low. Now that Anamnesis has departed from my reality Relomia has become much more manageable, even likable.

When I think about all my witches, alive and dead, I think she was the witch that I had to sever from my head most urgently. I cannot imagine what horrible abyss I would be in now if she had stayed. Fuck you, Anamnesis.

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