New Website & Changed Web Host

My website has been given a fresh coat of paint and cleaned up and tidied in all the areas that needed it. I hope you enjoy the added functionality in various areas. Good news too is that much of the navigation of the website should remain the same, so finding things should remain a breeze.

I also was forced to change web hosts as my previous web host's TOS did not allow for nudity of any kind. Luckily my new web host allows nudity. So my art and my documentation of vaginoplasty surgery will no longer be under scrutiny. Unfortunately I won't have my grandfathered in web host rates from my old web host and this new one is not the cheapest, but does have great services and their TOS is open to artistic nudity and medical nudity for documentation purposes. It was important for me to get my website transferred ASAP as the content of my old website was in jeopardy and I know how important my vaginoplasty project is to folks in need. I couldn't let that be at stake. 

Unfortunately, during this transfer I am not able to directly export/import the old blog posts I have made. I have extracted all the data, but I am not sure it is worth it to go through the process of importing all the blogposts and to lose all their timestamps. I am also not sure how helpful those blogposts really were given that I have stripped down all the personal stuff and created a pretty extensive FAQ for those of you who need your questions answered.

If there is something that you found valuable from my previous website that is no longer here, let me know. I can extract what I have from my backups and see how I can present that information to you.

This also means my old personal blog's contents are not going to be transferred here as well so I will be starting fresh. Which isn't too much of a loss given I don't write much and just post the latest photos there.