DAMNWHORE is my third witch (voice). Her name is a bit off-putting to some, but it suits her well and I will explain why. First, a bit of background: I had been toying with what her name is for awhile before I was able to name her, because I can't simply ask her.  She mostly shouts or screams insults at me or other people, she is very critical, and un-apologetically, verbally violent. Her favorite thing to call me is "damn whore" blaming me for my sexual assault in a hospital in Fargo, ND. Her insults and name calling regularly bog me down and cover me with a sense of worthlessness. Sometimes I imagine her mouth spewing toxic sludge as she speaks.

DAMNWHORE, or DW for short is one of my witches that I fear the most, and was recently named during one of my sessions with my therapist. I decided in an ultimate act of defiance to her persuasions to name her the same horrible things she names me. My therapist ultimately approved of this act of self preservation and has been one of the best defenses I have been able to muster to parry her relentless attacks on my character. She often works in tandem with Suicide Witch who I will introduce you to soon. 

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