Queen Plague


Who is Queen Plague? Quite simply she is me. It is not a good name nor is it one I would choose for myself. It is an assigned name by DAMNWHORE and adopted by the rest of my witches. 

It is a name considered suitable by my witches as I am responsible for all the suffering and pain around me, according to my witches. Or rather I am blamed for all the suffering and pain around me. It is hard not to adopt and buy into the words of my witches so I have to constantly be vigilant and refrain my words when talking to others so that I don't "sound crazy".  

Sometimes I indulge my witches in this train of thought and allow them to spin this narrative for a time. Mostly due to the exhaustion that occurs by gatekeeping their influence from others and myself. It is a temporary vacation of sorts. 

As Queen Plague I bring pain, corruption, and suffering wherever I go, to whomever I speak, and all I am near. Shadows are the soldiers of this plague and I merely carry them as their queen. The title of Queen would certainly allude to the idea that I command these shadows, but a better description of what is happening is that I am more of a host of sorts and they are my parasites. I have no authority over shadows, they do as they will. 

Single Images of Queen Plague