Relomia is my fourth witch (voice.) Relomia is sexual by nature, aloof and quirky, excitable, situational and temperamental. She has a wide range of emotions, unlike many of my other witches who tend to be a bit more one dimensional; Relomia can be: dismal and ghastly to ecstatic and lively from moment to moment. Relomia, as lovely as she can be to me sometimes can be distracting and annoying to even intolerable sometimes where I can't even hear myself think or listen to my other witches. 

I do enjoy her relatively good nature from time to time. One of my favorite memories with her was when she demanded that I eat a pickle from the jar on the refrigerator door. Normally, I do my best to resist all commands and suggestions my witches as they are typically not in my best interest from experience, I did decide to oblige her in this particular situation. I went to my kitchen and opened the door to the refrigerator, opened the pickle jar, and ate a pickle. Relomia was satisfied and happy. Which was a welcome relief from the attitudes of my other witches who tend to blend together in a sea of negativity. 

Relomia does get me into trouble from time to time, though, so I do my best to be cautious and critical of her desires, but her behavior is relatively harmless in contrast to type of situations namnesis (my dead witch) would get me into. Relomia and Anamnesis are a dangerous pair when together and their relationship really put me into disastrous and harmful situations in the past. Since 2015, I no longer hear Anamnesis which has been greatly beneficial to me.

On the rare occasion that I am allowed time my witches on my terms I usually choose to spend it with Relomia much to my other witches misfortune and dismay.

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