Spellcaster is my second witch, Aliena being the first. Spellcaster differs from Aliena in many ways. She speaks and quite eloquently and warns me of when "bad things" are going to happen. She tells me what aisle I should go down the aisle at the grocery store, what food to eat or don't eat sometimes, she warns me of many things like shadows (hallucinations), a bit paranoid sometimes is how I would like to describe her. She is my witch that warns me from the shadows and various dangers. This scares me sometimes, but my support team likes to point out that rather than attempting to scare me, she may be just be attempting to protect me rather than scare me of various things.

I do need protection from the shadows; they are as big as skyscrapers and small as atoms. They control everything and can influence anyone. They can make you sick or even kill you. I am afraid of them, so I rely on Spellcaster to cast her wards against them. 

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