Suicide Witch

Suicide Witch, or SW for short, lives up to her name perfectly. She is is that urge to end my life. She is the perfect wife for DAMNWHORE. SW takes advantage of DW’s venomous mouth and vultures above me when I am battered by DW’s words and spite. When I am at my most vulnerable, usually after a vicious stream of verbal abuse by DAMNWHORE, SW relishes in the task of coaxing me with verbal flattery in to attempting suicide, something that she has been successful at in the past, and as terrifying as I find her behavior I almost find time spent with her to be a great source of respite. There is a sort of comfort in knowing that your life is within your hands, even if only in the choice of being able to end it. Or at least try. Lately, I have been find it almost to be a detox of sorts from the burdens of life so that I may return renewed and refreshed for the hell I will undoubtedly face.

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