The Umbra Vein


Info of The Umbra Vein
The Umbra Vein is the name for my "other reality". Now, I am sure this will all that sound terribly confusing and I apologize. So in an attempt to be clear I'll establish the rules and truths of my reality.

Rules & Truths of The Umbra Vein
1. The witches (voices) are real.
2. The shadows (hallucinations) are real.
3. Only I can see the shadows and hear my witches. Not because I want to jealously hold that ability, rather I desperately wish others could hear and see them.
4. Shadows are bad, evil, corrupting. They have an agenda, they want to hurt me and others. They can be as large as skyscrapers and smaller than atoms. They are everywhere. They are powerful.
5. Witches are good, but they can be corrupted, hurt, and weaponized. A good example of a corrupted witch is DAMNWHORE, but all have been corrupted in some form or another.
6. Once corrupted or infected by a shadow it is difficult to detoxify. The methods of doing so are unknown to me.
7. This reality is called "The Umbra Vein" according to my witches.
8. Witches can be killed. 
9. I am the "bridge" of sorts. I am stuck between worlds/realities.
10. Witches are always talking, making noise, screaming, etc. The only time I don't hear them is when I sleep.