The V

The V, 'The Five', are the five voices I hear in my head, there actually used to be six, but I killed her, more on that later. They call themselves witches, not so much voices as my support team likes to call them more often. I would like you to meet my witches. Since they are intangible to everyone besides myself; In order to communicate with you, the audience, with my witches' world (or as I like to call it my 'upside down', and yes, my therapist and I stole that from Stranger Things,) I will be preparing image(s) for each witch to give them a bit of tangible life. More witches will be debuting in the coming months as I work with them to perfect their physical art form.

The Witches

     Suicide Witch

Dead Witches


Shadows & The Umbra Vein

     The Umbra Vein

Other Notable Figures

     Queen Plague